Digital training with rider and assistant – Checklist
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  1. You need the Ridesum app with a registered account and an accepted booking request from your trainer (under Activities/Coming up).

  2. Headset for your phone. If you are riding with a wireless headset, make sure to test it before your lesson.(Please Note: We do not recommend Airpods/equivalent as these are not adapted for streaming during a horse riding lesson and therefore may cause the sound quality to be poor.)

  3. Check your internet speed, needs a minimum of 300 kbps per streaming, or your image may freeze or will be choppy.

  4. Make sure your phone/phones have enough data and are fully charged.

  5. Keep the phone warm before your session and when streaming as colder temperatures tend to use up more battery. It is always a good idea to have a power bank ready or a charger on hand.

  6. Filming and streaming use up a fair bit of battery time, make sure to set the phone to power save in the settings.

  7. A pocket to place the phone in when riding.

  8. Plenty of light is needed, turn on as much light as possible if you are riding in an indoor arena or a lit outdoor.

  9. If you run in to problems, contact our customer support at hello@ridesum.seor We are here for you!

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