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Training digitally on your own (using TWO phones)
Training digitally on your own (using TWO phones)
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Live session by yourself:

  1. When you have access to TWO phones – set smartphone nr 1 on the arena short side, preferably using a tripod and login to your rider account to start your session, choose “Video and Audio”. Smartphone nr 2: log in to the mobile app with your rider account (the same acct is used for both phones) and start your session. Choose “Audio only”. Place phone nr 2 in your pocket and use a regular headset. Your trainer will watch the lesson on his/her computer/tablet and coach live via the web app.

Equipment: Rider: 2 smartphones + regular headset. Trainer: computer or tablet.

Please Note: We do not recommend Airpods/equivalent as these are not adapted for streaming during a horse riding lesson and therefore may cause the sound quality to be poor.

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